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Development Permit Information

A development permit is needed for any development that is happening within the R.M.  If you are building a shop or barn for agriculture use, you will need to only apply for a development permit, everything else will need both a development permit and a building permit.

Fees are as follows:

(This fee is due at the time the application is dropped off at the office)

Building Permit Information

Please fill out the building application form and development application form and return to our office along with your building plans/checklist.  The application will be sent to Municode for approval (this process normally takes 10-14 days), at which time will process the permit and contact you when it is ready to be picked up at our office. At this time, the Performance Bond and any other fees will need to be paid before you can pick up the permit. 

*No building shall take place before you have the permit*
*Anything over 100 sq. ft. will need a building permit but must adhere to the zoning bylaw*

Fees are as follows:

(cost of construction, determined by Municode)

$1000.00 Performance Bond
(This is retuned to you once you once your final inspection has occurred and we have been notified that the building is completed. Must be completed within the time allowed, if not, the performance bond will surrendered) 

 Permits can be emailed to Josie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Application Forms

Forms for Development

Forms for Election

Not available at this time.

Important Phone numbers
Rosthern RCMP 306-232-6400
Rosthern RM403 306-232-4393
Control Burn 1-866-404-4911
B&D Septic 306-223-4243
SaskPower Emergency number 310-2220
SaskEnergy Emergency number 1-888-700-0427